Research Software Engineer

I was a research engineer at Uber, responsible for improving relevancy and ranking on Uber's internal search engine. The first team I was on used the Lucidworks Fusion platform to index and search corporate documents. I worked closely with Lucidworks to improve the search engine, implementing new features to enhance its ranking and relevancy on top of Apache Lucene and Solr. I also worked closely with our stakeholders to analyze their requirements and obtain domain knowledge in order to implement rule-based mechanisms. As a research engineer, I was able to initiate collaborations with several teams, including the data science and AI teams at Lucidworks and Uber to employ an ML-based approach in search.
IBM Pacific Development Centre

Software Developer

As part of the software integration and testing team, I was responsible for: managing, improving and monitoring continuous integration of other developer's code into a large-scale web project that was running continuously PANORAMA. To that end I developed a graphical dependency mapping tool to assist in identifying problems during integration. The tool's goal was to reduce the amount of work required to review code for errors.
University of Waterloo, University of Victoria

Research Assistant & Teacher Assistant

Prepared course notes, problem/solution sets, tests, and projects for undergrad and grad courses offered in Computer Science.
Raykanet Co. Ltd

Software Developer

Designed, analyzed and maintained software for public hospitals. Added new features to legacy software to meet the customer's changing needs. Analyzed and re-designed legacy software, using reverse engineering and analysis techniques.