Atousa Pahlevan-Duprat, PhD


Welcome! I graduated form the department of computer science at the University of Victoria with a PhD degree in Software Engineering. I was a part of the Rigi group from 2007, under supervision of Dr. Hausi A. Müller. I got my Master of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, at the Cheriton School of Computer Science in 2005, where I was part of the SWAG lab. My main area of research is software engineering. My research topics include: web service search and discovery, self-adaptive system, software architecture. My interest in and passion for information retrieval(IR) began during grad school at UVic when I took data mining course. I found information known as web services, and the long-term need to analyze, index, and search was obvious. I build a web service search engine(SDDS) on top of the IR libraray to index and search the web service content. My work has covered production search engines, search results relevancy, and ranking using Lucene search library. I am interested in expanding my technical horizons by exploring new areas of technology.

Time is always right to do right
Martin Luther King Jr. at Stanford, 1967.